Stress Reduction and Overall Well Being

Many people have found Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) Acupressure to be a better solution for health issues than drugs or surgery. Others have found it to be an effective complement to allopathic treatments. With more than a 3,000-year history, the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu successfully addresses chronic ailments and manages physical discomfort. It restores harmony to all levels of our being -- physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. When we are in harmony we feel happy and content.

“I feel a real difference before and after Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure treatments in terms of the release of tension. I feel more calm, more integrated, and joyful. I experience a greater clarity and a physical and mental lightness.” 

 Michi R., Psychotherapist

"I experienced a relaxed and free-flowing feeling during the JSJ session; a powerful sense of being replenished."

 Andre E., Cook

"A Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure treatment provides a real energy boost when I'm feeling over-whelmed and tired. I use the self-care exercises to revitalize myself in the middle of my day." 

 Mary B., Teacher

"With Ilze, I’ve received Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments, along with Tapas Acupressure Technique treatments. These two things have been the most instrumental pieces in renewing my health. Since starting treatments with her two years ago, and practicing self-help, I have experienced all of the following:

- Quit smoking cigarettes successfully

- Emotional/trauma healing from my dad’s death when I was a teenager

- Removed all anxiety medications I had been taking for 5+ years

- Asthma I had for 10 years is now completely gone

- Reduced migraines, headaches, and neck tension significantly!

- I have been able to tolerate WAY more foods than I used to (I had so many food intolerances—too long to list)

- Renewed sense of peace and well being

- A sense of calm I’ve never had before

- My health in general has improved 10 fold, and now I have a knowledge base to be able to apply these techniques to myself.

- I no longer carry around my “medicine” bag with Benadryl, inhaler, allergy meds, pain meds, and anxiety meds. (I carried this bag with me at ALL times for over 10 years). It’s so freeing not to even think about these things anymore!" 

 Katie F., Digital Media Manager

Pain Management

  Our energy system becomes disharmonized by the tension that accumulates daily as the result of attitudes: worry, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, grief, and trying-to, and pretense. Overuse and chemical or physical abuse of the body also contribute to disharmony.

  When our energy system becomes disharmonized, our energy becomes "stuck", and our body lets us know this through a variety of symptoms. A headache is the result of a little bit of stuck energy, cancer is the result of a great deal of stuck energy. Stuck energy results in physical discomfort. When the flow of energy is unblocked, this discomfort is minimized or it disappears.

"Before I saw Ilze for JSJ acupressure treatments I had debilitating, chronic pain in my left shoulder and neck area. It's now gone! The JSJ self-care exercises I do make sure it stays gone"                                                                                Michele S., Publicist

"I'd had a sore throat and an earache for about a week. I ran into Ilze who gave me a hold to do to boost immunity. That night I fell asleep doing the hold. When I woke up the next morning, I was fine -- no sore throat, no earache."               Adam F., Student

"Ilze is my go-to person whenever I injure myself because I heal more quickly."

Elizabeth Y., Dancer

  Any surgical procedure disharmonizes our energy pathways. Restoring balance and harmony to them helps the body heal itself more rapidly than it would otherwise.

"After surgery for ACL reconstruction, a month of daily Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure treatments or JSJ self-care exercises cut my recovery time by well over 50%, probably closer to 75%, surprising both my surgeon and me."                    

Tallis K., Former Marine

"I credit Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure with saving my life after complications following surgery to replace a heart-valve. 

 Andy H., Computer Consultant

Off-the-body Work 

"After a stressful day, the treatment was very calming. I could once again breathe deeply and felt no stress. It made my whole body relax. I experienced an all encompassing sense of peace."                                                                          

Val K., Therapist

"My treatment made me feel deeply relaxed, calm, and peaceful. It put me in a meditative state. The sore muscles I had from water skiing the day before felt soothed as well."

Michael M., Accountant


"I've been massaged, shiatsued, acupunctured, reflexologized, examined, and mammogramed but no on ever told me that I can learn to keep my energy flowing through touch, myself. JSJ teaches you to breathe and relax. It teaches you to release the effects of daily stress yourself, so you can maintain physical and mental/emotional health." 

 Ann W., Stained glass artist

Self-Care Workshops

"Working with Ilze and learning about Jin Shin Jyutsu Accupressure was an amazing experience. She is an excellent teacher. The workshop itself is eye opening, and to continue with what you have learned can change your life in a very positive way.

Thank you, Ilze, for sharing with the rest of the world - It will be an honor to have more training from you." 

 Mary Henderson

To be continued....