Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) acupressure practitioner, Ilze Skrupskelis, is a long-time resident of Kalamazoo, a graduate of Western Michigan University, and a former Pharmacia/Upjohn employee. She is the mother of three sons, two of whom are also Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure practitioners.

    "I felt so good after my first Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment that I wanted to share the experience with others. After leaving my job at a large pharmaceutical company, I decided to pursue a career in JSJ. I have been a Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure practitioner since 1997, and a certified JSJ self-help instructor since 2001.

  "Reconnective Healing is a more recent addition to my practice. I have adapted it to use with JSJ acupressure flows. Often I will use both of these methods (touch and no touch) in a treatment session. Clients leave their session feeling more integrated, whole, and healthy.

  "Quantum physics has shown that at its foundation everything is energy -- including us. This work balances and harmonizes the body's energy system. In doing this, it enhances our self-healing abilities.

  "I enjoy contributing to others' well being. I'm happy to be able to assist my clients to connect to a deeper level of themselves where they may access more harmony and balance. I also enjoy giving them tools to help themselves through the JSJ acupressure self-care workshops I teach.

  "My practice is based on the belief that your health is of the utmost importance. I am dedicated to supporting you in wellness. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals".

More information about Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure is available in the self-care book

The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister and at www.jsjinc.net

More information about Reconnective Healing is available in the book by Eric Pearl, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, and at www.ReconnectiveHealing.com

Disclainer: Ilze Skrupskelis makes no specific claims, promises, or guarantees. She does not diagnose, treat, or cure disease.

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